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How to Achieve the Perfect Silk Press

Products Required Shampoo Deep Conditioner Steamer Leave in conditioner Hair Oil / Serum Heat Protectant Blow Dryer Flat Iron Process Use a clarifying shampoo; if hair is dirty, then a hydrating shampoo (which helps to infuse moisture in hair strands). Deep Condition; use products packed with hydrating oils that can help protect the hair from […]

Protein Treatment / Deep Conditioner / Mask

These terms are quite confusing but understanding the difference between this trio (Deep Conditioner, Hair Mask and Protein Treatment) will allow you to know when you should do them and why. Deep Conditioners provide your hair with maximum nutrition & hydration ; Protein Treatments revives and reconstruct damaged hair while Mask provide the hair with […]

Do I Need A Voltage Converter?

The world runs in two voltage ranges: “110 – 120V” or “220 – 240V”. Voltage converter is an electrical power converter which changes the voltage of an electrical power source. The United States uses 110 volt electricity for most of its power outlets, while the standard for other countries is usually between 220 – 240V. […]

Fermented Rice Water: Hair Growth Secret

The use of rice water came from ancient china. The Yao women from China, rely on a simple, homemade hair secret – ” rice water” as a daily skin toner and hair care, that leaves the hair with rich natural colour, lustrous shine and ultimately healthy‚Ķ With hair so long, the Yao ethnic women made […]

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