Do I Need A Voltage Converter?

The world runs in two voltage ranges: “110 – 120V” or “220 – 240V”. Voltage converter is an electrical power converter which changes the voltage of an electrical power source. The United States uses 110 volt electricity for most of its power outlets, while the standard for other countries is usually between 220 – 240V.

If your device voltage differs from the voltage at your destination a voltage conversion is needed in other for that device to work. However,If the power in your location (country) is 110V , for example, and your device lists its input at 125V, you would not be needing a voltage converter .

Voltage converter is necessary to safely use electronics that has its voltage lower or higher than your destination’s voltage .Input voltage on device usually can be found on the plug or power cord, you can also go through the manual. Most devices nowadays run on dual voltage meaning the voltage is within this range – “Input: 110 -220V” for this type of devices, voltage convertor is not needed.

What you’ll need for most gadgets that needs a voltage converter is a “step down converter”. These are built to plug into 220V systems and enable 110V gadgets to operate without overheating or blowing up.


i. Voltages are different around the world

ii. Always check the voltage of your device before plugin in to the socket.

iii. If you are delivering too little voltage (e.g., taking an Indian device to the US), it could simply not function properly

i.v. On the other hand, bringing an American device to India without an appropriate voltage converter, could cause it to fry completely.

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