Hair Color Mixing Bowls (3 in 1)


Features & Benefits

• It’s not only very easy to get colors mixed up but also with these bowls it’s impossible to forget which color is which. Clients even may make color melts much simpler based on the Tricolor Principle.

• Sturdy with non-skid rubber bottom, so don’t worry it would spill. Set of three interlocking rainbow hair tint bowls would create the perfect palette of colors for your next hair masterpiece.

• Easy to clean and store, no chemical reaction with color. The bowls could be cleaned up nicely by rinsing with water for multiple uses.

• Perfect for your DIY use of pro coloring products at home such as highlighting, root touch up, mixing, and application or doing an ombre on your hair. Even also used as paint color palette for your kids.

• Allows for easy mixing and application of your hair color, whether you’re a beginner or a pro who likes to use the brushes and combs to paint hair. Excellent for mixing developer with toners, dyes, and bleaches.

• Your hair color bowls should be as fun as your hair color, especially for those who want multi colored hair with the color cups and brushes.

• Much easier and neater than squeeze bottles. Just applied hair color with brush, no dripping or mess.

• Makes mixing small amounts easier than having to scrape the bowl so much in regular ones

• Use a few, or use one and don’t do the dishes for a really long time.

• Pack of 3 bowls

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