Professional Styling Ultra Glide Brush – 9 Rows


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ThisĀ  Styling Brush has smooth, round-ended pins for gentle and enjoyable styling. The ergonomic handle ensures balance and comfort. The 9 rows of nylon pins are designed to control thicker and longer hair. Maintenance With a little care and attention your Brush will keep on performing at its best. Simply remove loose hair from the bristles regularly. Occasionally wash in warm, diluted soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Store the brush away from heat and sunlight.
What can this brush be used for?

  • Detangling wet and dry hair. It is excellent for detangling coily, curly or kinky hair.
  • Separating and defining wet curls
  • Sculpting and styling hair
  • Blow-drying & Blow-styling
  • Smoothing styled, straight hair
  • Styles requiring grip, tension and control
  • Hair brush for 4C natural hair / coily /wavy / curly hair

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