Design Essentials Natural Moisturizing Conditioner



Design moisturizing conditioner almond & Avocado, get Design Essentials Natural almond and Avocado shampoo for your curly locks. This product gives your hair intense hydration and moisture and works on all kinds of curls. Design Essentials Natural shampoo combines the hydrating power of almond, shea butter and avocado to form a concoction that replenishes any moisture that your curls may be lacking.

Features & details

  • Reduces dryness, frizz, and breakage, Softens, moisturizes, and detangles hair effortlessly, Save up to 30 minutes detangling time.
  • Moisturizing & Super Detangling Conditioner made with nourishing botanicals and Vitamin E, is a lightweight moisturizing conditioner, A lightweight moisturizing leave-in conditioner that instantly replenishes the daily moisture that your strands often lose from everyday styling routines.
  • Gently Separate Strands To Remove Knots And Tangles, Apply generously to damp hair and distribute evenly.
  • Intense Moisture And Hydration, Adds Softness & Shine, Maximum Detaingling Properties,
  • Time-saving detangling conditioner to nourish and replenish any moisture that your curls may be lacking to reduce the appearance of dryness, frizz, and breakage.

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