HOHLTH Foot Massager


Control Panel Function Description

1.Power: Press the power button to switch on/off the power. (Default setting:15mins timing/kneading/ air pressure L1 level/ heating)

2.Timing button:Timing selection: press the timing button to select massage time(5,10,15,20,25,30 mins), time will be showed on the display.

3. Intensity: The button is used to adjust air pressure intensity in 3 steps (L3=High, L2= Medium, L1=Low). L1, L2, L3 is shown on LED window.

4. Auto Program: Press the program button to select from 4 automatic modes.

P1: Rolling & Kneading massage on forefeet & Air compression

P2: Scraping on arches & Air compression

P3: Rolling massage & Pushing & Kneading on heels

P4: Massage with only air compression on insteps

5. Heating button: heating function on / off button.




Deep Kneading Function

High-tech pads, rollers, and massage technology, Shiatsu Foot Massager features unique 3D massaging nodes, amazingly designed to mimic the hands and thumb-like action of a professional masseuse. The Thai Foot Massager applies soothing pressure to bottom of feet; rigorously massaging and releasing all tensions and knots.


Air Pressure Function

The air compression will squeeze the top of your foot. This massager has 3 level air pressure, which will give you more choice to adjust the most suitable. We recommend using the massager on the lowest setting to start off and gradually raise the intensity when getting used to the current level.


Heating Function

foot massager adds heating function which bring you greater relaxation as well as makes for a wonderful addition to the massage routine.The inclusion of heat therapy with the massage increases the therapeutic benefits and helps to relieve foot pain. The temperature of the heat massager is around 104-113℉, a very mild heat


According to medical experts, the feet have many nerve endings and pressure points in the soles. Due to the nature of our work where we spend most of the time standing on the feet, we may at times become tired hence it’s a fine idea to give our feet a little care and treatment with a soothing foot massage.


Relieve Foot Sore Wearing high heels may possibly be the reason why many women experience foot pain. When high heels are worn, the foot is often in an unnatural position, which may inhibit blood circulation to the feet. Foot massage will promote blood circulation and help relieve the sore of your foot.

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