Natural Wooden Bamboo Brush Boar Bristle Hair Brush


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Features & details

The hairbrush is made of beech wood. The detangling pin brush helps to condition the hair naturally and evenly distribute the natural oils in the hair.

Massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow, resulting in healthy hair

The smooth wooden paddle handle is solid durable, easy to clean, anti-static and high temperature resistant,regularly use a hairbrush cleaner tools or tweezers clean the hairbrush exten the longevity of your hair brush and retain its nourishing effect

The Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush can effectively massage the roots of the hair and relieve head tension,and it is anti-static and not easy to break,reduces hair breakage and frizz Natural wooden bamboo brush small size and light weight, you can carry it with you on business trips, you don’t have to worry about losing it

The hairbrush is used for scalp care for women, men and children. it is also the perfect gift set for mothers, sisters, and female friends

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