Perm Rods For Natural Hair


Prices go up when the timer hits zero


Packing:10psc in 1 wrap

Product feature: Easy to use, Not easy to broke,

non-slip, durable, long-lasting,

Hold curls well, doesn’t take a long time.

No heat is needed. Not hurt your hair.

The extra-wide slot can evenly distribute liquid to the hair when curling.

Suit all of the hair: straight, curly, short, long, natural hair.

Create a different hairstyle: curly wavy body wave water loose wave

How to use:

1. Remove button from the tip of the rod, release rubber band

2. Wind a section of hair firmly around the rod

3.Pull a rubber band over the hair and reinsert the button in the tip of the rod to secure it

4.When treatment is completed, remove buttons to release the hair from the rod.

Warm notice: If you have natural or kinky hair,

Prepare a spray bottle with water handy to dampen your hair, the curls to set better

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