Pritech TC-1151 Hair Dryer


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Pritech Professional Hair Dryer with a 2000 Watt DC motor equipped with ion production technology. With this technology, the hairdryer produces negative ions, which neutralize the static electricity on the hair after it hits the hair. This way the hair becomes less bulging, and looks smoother and brighter. Unlike most hair dryers that have this technology, this model also has a button to turn off the hair dryer ionizer.

This button is next to the hairdryer handle and above it there is a red light to indicate ionizing activity. The ions produced come out of the nozzle below the main outlet of the hairdryer. The wind speed of the hair dryer can be adjusted in either medium or high.

The Pritech TC-1151 has a system that prevents overheating and protects the hair. At the top of the handle there is a spring button that pushes the thermal element off and can stabilize the hair with the help of cold wind.

In short, the Pritech TC-1151 hair dryer features a 2000 Watt DC motor, ion output technology, ionizer on / off button, two speed and three temperature modes, temperature protection system, cold wind button and detachable filter.

Note: Colours May Vary

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