Scalp Massager (Electric)


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Features & details

  • DEEP SCALP MASSAGE – The electric scalp massager fully simulate hand massage result to help promote blood circulation, reduce soreness and stiffness, make you feel relaxed.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY -Made of food grade silicone, the head massager for hair growth features moderate softness, strong resilience, force equality and ultra-comfort. The waterproof scalp massager is wet and dry dual use. Scalp and your body can be gently kneaded when in “DRY” mode while wet scalp and hair can be scratched when in “WET” mode.
  • ADJUSTABLE EFFECT – Four massage modes are available. TWO rotation systems: clockwise & counterclockwise rotation. TWO speeds: high & low speed. With the scalp massager, you can share different massage experience for your head, neck, shoulder, waist, back, legs and feet.
  • RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE-Built in a lithium battery and equipped with a charging base, the wireless head massager features strong endurance and portability and you can enjoy massage any time when you are at home, office, plane or even on a vacation.
  • SMART TIMER FUNCTION -The head massager scalp can automatically and continuously work for 10 minutes. Restart it to keep on enjoying.

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